img_3800photoThomas Helm is a writer and journalist who has been extensively published  online and in print media.


He writes for the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. His special interest areas are: inequality, globalisation, international politics, culture and gastronomy. He has a passion for well sourced, well investigated journalism that reflects on the state of contemporary civilisation, for the human stories that make the bigger picture clearer, for the details that unlock the truth.

Notable publications include a double page spread on a philosophy class for the homeless in London, an overview on the British Food Renaissance featuring interviews with celebrated chefs Heston Blumenthal and Ashley Palmer-Watts, an in-depth report on the precarious food situation in Greek refugee camps, a story about how two brothers run their highly successful Syrian vineyard in a time of war and an analysis of the effect of Brexit on Food Imports and Exports. For a full list of articles, please click on the journalism tab at the top of this page.

He began working as a journalist at the age of 18, with the Kashmir Observer, an independent newspaper that serves the region of Jammu and Kashmir in North West India.

After graduating from Trinity College, Dublin, he worked for the International Service of Human Rights as a reporter at the United Nations Human Rights council, with a special focus on freedom of expression and laws and political regimes that restrict the work of human rights defenders.

He has also completed a masters in journalism at Columbia University, New York and the University of Barcelona.


He studied English Literature at Trinity College, Dublin, graduating in 2011 with a first class honours degree. His essay on the representation of war in the poetry of Louis MacNeice was shortlisted for the Undergraduate of the Year Award.

In December 2009, his debut play  ‘A Night of Solitude’ ran for five nights at the Player’s Theatre, Dublin. He has also collaborated in an adaptation of Molière’s Misanthrope (Players Theatre, Dublin, 2010) and Borges’ The Aleph (Doodlebar Studios, London, 2012). His monologue ‘Stories of Exile and Movement’ was translated into Italian and performed at the Illumino di Meno Festival and the Buon Compleanno Theatre Festival in 2013.

His debut collection of poems and songs ‘Silence, Passion and Music’ appeared as an independent publication in 2015. His poem ‘lovelock’ was published in the 2008 edition of the literary magazine The Attic. His short story ‘Shostakovich’ was published in the July 2015 edition of the DSCH Journal. He is currently finishing his debut novel ‘The Singer’ and a collection of short stories.


Thomas Helm is also a photographer and photojournalist. His photos have been published in La Vanguardia. Please follow these links for samples: 1, 2. Or alternatively, explore this site. The top of each page features one of his photos.


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